High Quality Zoysia Grass Plugs On Sale – Discounts Coupon 2017

You only want to do this once, so do it right with high quality zoysia grass plugs on sale.  Yes, you can get the great quality lawn plugs at a discount and the best way is through ordering them online from a reputable zoyia farmer.

A great farmer will harvest the plugs the same day they ship them out to you

Not like a retailer that has the plugs sitting at the store for days or weeks (drying out).

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They guarantee that their plugs will grow or they will ship you new plugs to replace the ones that didn’t grow.  Now that is customer service!

Zoysia Grass Plugs On Sale

Zoysia Grass Seeds vs Plugs

Perhaps you thought you might use zoysia seeds instead of plugs because seeds a cheap.

Well here is the thing with zoysi seeds….

 – you must prepare the soil before you can plant the seeds

You have got to clear it of all debris, level it, add good soil and make sure that the ground work is in perfect shape for the seeds before you plant.

– if the seeds don’t germinate, then you have to wait another year to give it a go!

The plugs may cost a bit more (sod is quite more expensive and I don’t recommend going that route), but… the plugs are sooo easy to plant and you don’t need to prepare the ground at all.   If you have nasty, bumpy ground that you want covered just put some plugs down and they will spread to cover the soil/rocks.  It will even spread to cover inclines and hills.

You can read more on planting the zoysia plugs over on this page.

Zoysia Grass Plugs On Sale


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Useful Tips For Maintaining Your Zoysia Grass

Zoysia is a particular variety of hardy grass that grows well in a wide range of conditions. This type of grass also requires far less watering and mowing than most grasses. This particular variety of grass can also create a natural thick and soft carpet that feels great for bare feet. Zoysia is also ideal because it actually grows differently. It expands sideways and doesn’t grow higher in a short span of time. Because of this, this type of grass can become so dense and becomes effective at choking out most summer weeds and replacing existing grass that you don’t want on your lawn anymore.

Although Zoysia is a low-maintenance type of grass, it still needs proper care and maintenance to make sure they maintain their appeal and good condition. Below are some useful tips you can follow to maintain your Zoysia grass:

Fertilize. All well-maintained lawns are fertilized with the right amount and kind needed for that particular grass and on a schedule based on the growing season. When you fertilize, you keep the grass healthy and enable them to build resistance to disease and insect damage. Lawn care experts say that you should fertilize your turf heavily in the spring and summer – a practice called “main feeding” of your Zoysia turf.

Cut Zoysia grass at the height of just one to two inches. Zoysia has a high silica content in which the blade becomes tougher when the leaf is permitted to grow longer. Zoysia also has a stiffer blade texture than most lawn grasses; as such, it requires the blades of a mower to be sharpened more often to obtain the maximum clipping action. Lawn care experts also recommend that you mow your turf 1 to 2 times a week if watered and fertilized more or every 7-14 days on a low fertilization and watering schedule.

Water the grass only when necessary. Zoysia is more drought resistant in the cooler regions. When fully established, they have a deep root system and should only be watered when they show signs of needing it. The normal rate of water for good growth of Zoysia is 1 inch per week. A clear indication of water stress is when the blades start to curl inward. In addition, water only in the early afternoon on new plantings or early morning on established turf grasses for the best results.

Remove thatch. Finally, lawn care experts say that every other year, remove accumulated thatch and debris. It is best to do this in the late winter before the turf turns green. Use a commercial machine to scalp or de-thatch remove debris from your lawn.

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