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Scotts 18362 5-Lbs. Turf Builder Zoysla Grass Seed & Mulch for Lawns Review


Pros & Cons:
Once rooted, this grass is amazing for difficult soil conditions (dry, salty, sandy, rocky soils) and is drought tolerant as was all shade tolerant. Can be a challenge to get started. Needs to be watered at least twice a day for three weeks to have the seeds germinate.

Zosyia grass seeds are more cost effective to plant than purchasing zoysia plugs.

If you are looking for a grass that can grown in difficult situations, then zoysia is a good option.

As with other of the Scott's lawn products, these zoysia seeds are coated with their WaterSmart plus technology to keep the moisture close to the seeds while they germinate. This coating allows the seed to hold more water and nutrients as well as protect the seeds from grass disease.

As mentioned, zoysia is great for growing in difficult weather and soil conditions. The grass is great for sandy, salty and rocky areas as the grass creeps as it grows and spreads.

There is a requirement to ensure that the seeds are watered the first three weeks in order for the seeds to germinate. The Scott's zoysia seeds comes with mulch and moisture protection which provides added assurance of germination.

Once the zoysia seeds have germinated, you lawn will require less water, less mowing and far less maintenance than other grasses. You can expect to mow about 1/3 as often as you have done in the past. Although zoysia requires little watering, you must water twice a day when you are planting and starting your lawn.

Zosyia is a great shade tolerant grass. If you have a lawn that does not get continual sunshine then this is a great option for you. Be mindful though, shade tolerant does not mean that it will grow in the dark. Your grass will require at least 4 hours of direct sunlight or 8 hours of filtered sunlight (filtered meaning that light is coming through the branches of trees, etc).

Zoysia grass is great for warm, southern climates that have difficult growing conditions. Water well during the planting and germination of the seeds (twice a day for three weeks), then you can relax and let your grass grow. Zoysia like it hot, so the best planting time is May-June-July-August.

Scotts zoysia seed has the added nutrient/water technology as well as the added mulch to help protect the seeds during the first three weeks - which is a huge bonus over other seeds.

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