Zoysia Grass Maintenance

Zoysia Grass Maintenance

zoysia watering grassThere really is very little maintenance you will have to do with your zoysia lawn.  It can do with less water, less fertilizer, less mowing and less pesticides or herbicides.  Let’s discuss each of these as this grass will give you a beautiful green lawn with very little work.

Less Watering

Zoysia grass has very deep roots and because of this, the roots pull moisture from deep in the ground instead of from the topsoil.  The result is that you have less watering requirements.  The unique root system allows the grass to grow lush and thick which gives it a carpet-like feel when walking on it with your bare feet.

This grass is great for those living in areas with restricted watering.  With zoysia’s ability to grow in diffult conditions, it lends itself beautifully to those who need to watch how much water their lawns.  You will be able to have a green lawn without the need for much water.

You may get brown patches on your lawn if you water too much, so keep an eye out for that.  In addition, you should do you watering in the morning and not in the evening as you have a chance of developing fungus in the grass if the water sits overnight.

Less Mowing

Zoysia is a greas that spreads outward verus growing upward and as a result, it reduces the need to mow your lawn as frequently.  Homeowners who have a zoysia lawn have typically found that they mow their lawn about 1/3 of the time then when they had traditional grass.  That’s just a little over once a month for mowing!

To keep your lawn healthy you zoysia grass should be mowed to a height of 1.5 inches to 3 inches.  With this grass, you should only take off 1/3 of the leat height at each mowing and no more.

Dethatching your Zoysia Lawn

Dethatching is the removal of little bits of stems and blades that collect on the lawn over time from mowing.  The accumulation of these bits is called “thatch” and it prevents water, light and air to reach the soil so you will need to remove the thatch.

Traditional methods have been quite labor intensive but  there is a product designed for zoysia grass called Liquid Thatch Remover.  Simply spray the conents of the bottle over the grass and the Remover will turn the thatch into a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

It is recommended that you dethatch roughly 3 times a year but make sure that the temperature in the air is at least 45 degrees.  It will take roughly 5 minutes of your time to spray the lawn.

Why Dethatch?

* Reduces insect problems

* Keeps a healthy lawn growing

* Allows water and nutrients to get into the soil and at the grass roots

* Fertilizer use will be more effective

* You will have a better looking lawn

If you have decided that zoysia grass is the right choice for your lifestyle, then you should consider using zoysia plugs to get your lawn started.  The plugs are the most economical way to start your zoysia yard and it will cover whatever uneven ground, weeds and pebbles.  Putting down zoysia sod is an option, but you will find it to be quite expensive.  And seeds, well they just don’t seem to germinate well and due to the short seeding season, if it doesn’t take right away, you will be waiting a hole year before you can  try again.

The official zoysia grass can be found over at this site – where they guarantee that their plugs will take root and grow for you.

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