Zoysia Grass Reviews

Zoysia Grass Review

Review Author: Don Montgomery

Summary: The Amazoy zoysia grass is the original zoysia grass with a strong reputation and successful growth for beautiful lawns.

If you are considering planting zoysia grass in your yard, the most effective way to do this would be to plant the zoysia plugs – not sod or seeds.  Zoysia sod will be very expensive to do and zoysia seeds are a LOT  of work and are more expensive than the plugs as well.

The Amazoy plugs are derived right from the original Meyer zoysia E52 from the US Department of Agriculture.  The Amazoy plugs are hardy and spread out beautifully.  You will not need to prepare the yard or ground at all.  Simply use a plugger or auger to put a small hole in the ground, then plant the plug.  You will need to water a bit each day for a couple of weeks, but after that you are set to go.  The plugs will spread on their own.

The spreading of the plugs can take some time, so you may want to consider planting them closer together.  The recommended distance apart is 4″ to 6″.

The plugs grow well in the direct sun, in the shade and in poor soil conditions.  It is a fantastic grass for the southern United States.

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