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Zoysia grass has become very popular for those wanting a lush green lawn. It is wonderful due to the fact that it requires little water and little maintenance, but should you be planting zoysia sod, zoysia plugs or zoysia seeds? Most people confuse zoysia sod and zoysia plugs, but we will clarify that for you as it will save you a lot of money as well as a lot of time.  Once you have reviewed the information, you will realize that it would be wise to use Zoysia plugs instead of sod or seeds. We’ll review all three in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

What is Zoysia Grass anyway?

Zoysia grass was discovered over in Korea a few decades ago and brought over to America.  The name it was given was Meyer zoysia grass after the scientist who discovered it.   This grass was found to grow very well in the sun, but also grew just as well in the shade.  It was also found to grow quite well in difficult conditions such as salty soil, sandy soil and rocky soil.  The best zoysia from the original Meyer strain is Amazoy.

Why is Zoysia Grass so Popular?

* Reduces water bills – the root system of this type of grass is very deep and requires very little water.

* Reduces maintenance – you will need to mow once every three weeks.

* Kills weeds and crabgrass – the zoysia will choke out these unwanted weeds.

* No need for chemicals – zoysia is very hardy and resists insects and disease.

* It heals itself – it will naturally grow to cover the ground.

 Zoysia Grass Plugs

Amazoy zoysia plugs are the most popular way for a homeowner to establish a beautiful zoysia lawn.  They are the most economical and successful way to establish a zoysia lawn.

It is the spreading nature of the plugs that makes them so economical.  They can be planted 4″ to 6″ apart, then left to spread in to create a beautiful lawn over time.  If you want it to fill in more quickly, simply reduce the spacing when planting your plugs.

Pros of using Zoysia Plugs

*  Plugs are 95% cheaper than using sod

*  Plugs are also cheaper than using seed

*  The planting season is long (from early spring through to mid fall)

*  The soil requires little preparation (you can plant into soil or in to an existing lawn)

*  Plugs are ideal for planting on slopes (seeds just get washed away by rain and watering)

*  With plugs, you are planting a living plant and they are much more resilient to heat and cold

*  Plugs require very little maintenance once planted (just a little bit of water for 10 minutes a day for the first few weeks)


Zoysia Sod

Of the three options, zoysia sod is the fastest way to establish a zoyia lawn. But is it also the most expensive and the most labor intensive. Once people realize the cost of purchasing sod, they usually move away from the idea of sod and make the decision to purchase plugs. Zoysia sod is purchased by the square foot. Although there are discounts will volume purchases, the price climbs quite quickly.

The other area of concern with the sod is that it must be harvested locally as it is extremely heavy. The weight of the product stacked on top of itself is not good and in addition, your shipping fees will be high if you can’t get it near by.

In going with the sod, you are going to have to prepare the area first. You will need to till the soil, clear the area of stones and plants. If you have a large area, this can become a lot of work.

Once the sod arrives, you are going to need a lot of people to help you. Unloading the sod, cutting and shaping the sod to fit the shape of the area. It is a lot of work, no question.

Pros of using sod

* Fastest way to establish a lawn

Cons of using sod

* Very expensive

* Labor intensive

Zoysia Grass Seed

All of the zoysia seed available today has been genetically engineered.  Because it has be genetically altered, it does not have the same properties as the original Meyer’s E52 issued by the US Department of Agriculture has.   Many of the seed varieties are not as cold tolerant as the original zoysia and as a result it is much more subject to winter kill.

Cons of Zoysia Seeds

* The color is not as deep green.

* The seed variety is know to grow in clumps.

* Planting seeds sounds easy, but is quite a challenge for the average home owner.  The soil temperature will have to be at least 70 degrees (that is not the air temperature, it’s the soil temperature.  The air temperature will have to be in the 80’s and 90’s).  This means that there is a small window to plant the seeds.

* The area will also have to be prepared.  It will have to be flat, tilled to a depth of 6-8 inches and all the old grass, weeds and plants will need to be cleared.

* Zoysia seeds have a very low germination rate, so you will need 2-3 pounds of seeds for every 1,000 square feet of land.

* Once seeded, the soil will need to remain moist for 10 days, which can be difficult with high temperatures and windy conditions.  It will need constant watering during the day.

* Seeds can’t be planted on slopes.

* Birds love seeds

* You only get one chance for growth in a growing season, so if it doesn’t take, you will have to wait a whole year before you can try again.

Hands down, zoysia grass plugs are the way to go.  They have a very high success rate, they are the most economical and require the least amount of work.

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